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 Posted: 04-10-2006 02:22 pm
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Judson Manning

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Delta carries 15x6 on a semi-regular basis and I want to say they cost close to $200.00 each. 

The stock bolt-pattern is 4 x 4.000" or 4 x 101.6mm NOT 4 x 100mm which is extremely common.  Offset for the stock wheels is 0.75" and Delta's 13x6 Panasports have a measured offset of ~5/8".

As you are using the JHPS brake-kit, check to see if the spacers are necessary with Panasports.  Another idea would be to have Greg get you a custom spacer with a more common bolt pattern and offset to match the wheels you want. 

My experience with R-compound 205/60R13, is that the steering effort was difficult at best on the street.  However, I can never say I lost front-end grip on the track (back end grip was always my problem).  Ask Russ if "Flash" runs his big 215 'shoes' on the street...

For a street car, 205 is plenty of tire which means a 6" wheel is really all you need.  I think the 15" look GREAT on 'Jasper', but here's the rub:  a 205/60R13 is just about the same as a 205/50R15 and costs $25 less per wheel and $50 less per tire.