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 Posted: 04-10-2006 09:13 am
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Hi guys,

i can hear you sigh....another thread on wheels, but i need your help.

There is this classic car shop in the Netherlands who very recently started importing Panasport wheels from Japan and reselling them. He sells them mainly for Triumph owners and carries the sizes: 15"x6 and 16"x7, but can deliver them for other cars as well.

I asked him if he could get 15"x7 for the JH. He called the factory and the 15x7 seem an odd size for which a particular batch needs to be done, making them very expensive (up to Euro 380,= a piece!!!). Delivery time would then be around 12 weeks or so (not bad considering the DMS backorder).

Insane, if you ask me. However the 15"x6 and 16"x7 are readily available in difference bolt patterns and backspaces but also at much more affordable prices since these are produced in real volumes.

I am thinking of buying them over here, since the shipping cost (US to NL) on top of the already highly priced panasports would make this project a no go. But to be sure, I need some info:

Question1: does anyone know what DMS sells the 15"x7 for??

Question2: what is the JH original bolt pattern, offset and backspace? I really need to know since this classic car shop is not knowledgeable about the JH and what would fit or not and i have no clew either... 

Question3: i know 15"x6 will fit the JH, but what about 16"x7 ? what tire size would possibly fit the 16"x7 without fauling the steering?

Thanks and have a look at the picture featuring a TR with Panasports

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