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 Posted: 04-10-2006 03:18 am
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Greg and Judson mention the ACL bearings. What are these ACL bearings and how do they compare to the Vandervell bearings that came with my 2.2 Crank? What can I realistically expect so far as the reliability of my engine with the 2.2 upgrade, 104 cams, larger ss exhaust valves and the JE 10.5:1 pistons without all the other upgrades? I'm not looking to build an all out race engine. I just want an affordable and reliable street performance engine. I don't want to turn a bearing at 3000 miles or have a 190 to 200 hp engine that overheats in the middle of the summer when it is 115 degrees outside and I have the AC on inside the car. I am sure I have the non-cross drilled crank with the Vandevell bearings supplied by Delta to match the crank. I know the bottom end was not modified with additional dowels, but I was considering having this done. Now I'm reading that I should have done this first then had the engine align bored. Can I go back and have this done without causing a problem? This is why I originally asked if someone had put together something on doing a 2.2L conversion so people like myself can collect all the parts and have the work done slowly in order to afford doing this at all.