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 Posted: 04-09-2006 10:38 pm
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Greg Fletcher wrote:

On the cross drilled crankshafts- I know it sounds good, but keep in mind that Lotus raced plenty of non-cross drilled 200hp+ engines sucessfully.


You sure about that one? Doesn't matter what series a motor is raced in, you can be sure someone has gone through it and taken advantage of what they can.  Technically, it is illegal for me to cross-drill and use the 318 bearings, but we felt we needed to in the interest of reliability and future rebuilds. I'd be suprised if Lotus didn't drill those cranks.

Nice write up Tim.  I will be dynoing the JH and Judson's motor after next weekend I hope. And, I bet we'll find some of those JH ponies out of the corral and MIA! Still, we'll tune it for whatever we can get and hope for the best. Plots will be reported and posted here because to my knowledge nobody has done a rear wheel dyno on a Dynojet yet - all I've seen are engine dynos, which vary pretty widely, and guesses.