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 Posted: 04-09-2006 05:17 pm
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for guys just looking for wider tires - 225-45/50-13 DO fit on the stock wheels with 5.5" rim width and the 13" Panasports with 6" rim width. Mean looking too, and with Hoosier tires the footprint is actually 235 to 245 since Hoosier always does that with their R compounds to help out the racers limited to a width, sort of built in cheating. If you want to put some on yYou have to go to a shop that is used to mouting race tires to mount them because it is a difficult thing to do and will lead to some cussing from your tire man. I'll post some pictures later of what the wheel/tire looks like.

Here is a shot from the rear of the 225 on the 13" Panasports. You could even go a little larger, but no larger tire will fit on the wheel, the 225s are a severe hassle. It'll be enough tire for a 2200lb car anyhow.

And the tire itself on wheel. They are R compound tires, but work great on the street, just be really, really, really careful if it rains. However, one could run Toyo RA1s which have almost as much stick and do have some tred pattern, sort of.

And that lying on the background is a generic wheel spacer, 1/4" inch thick. Don't be afraid of using them - if those didn't exist or work then 1/2 the race cars running in SCCA would crash, burn, or the wheels would fly off. That doesn't happen and the spacers are great for getting a little extra track width or getting a wheel to fit right.  Since we suspect some henious understeer (push if you prefer) from the welded rear differential we are going for a bit of extra front track width to help out with that slightly.


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