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 Posted: 04-09-2006 05:00 pm
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Ron Earp

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Hi Dan,

I'v built a fair number of motors over the 37 years I've been plodding around.  I SCCA road race so it sort of neccesitates doing that since last year we blew the same one up twice.  We also build customer cars for people and completed three spec miatas from the ground up last year, although it took all my free time. Which leads to....

I am FINALLY (I'll do another thread on it) about to finish up our Jensen Healey road race car (SCCA Improved Touring S) and it'll go out for the first time in two weeks.  To make a long story short, I used my machinst here that I'd used a lot for V8 builds and then assembled the motor myself. However, it didn't work out that well, even though I have a decent idea of what must be done and so did my machinist. There are some little tricks with the 907, especially if you'd like it to have a long life as it should.

To make a long story short, the motor didn't work well and needed to be pulled again and rebuilt.  So, I sent the motor to Judson, let him rebuild it whilst working on other projects, and then picked it up from him. He'd run it in on his test mule car and I was able to drive it that way, then help him remove my motor and re-install his old motor. Motor runs great!!! And as far as conversion to 318s, it isn't expensive. I did that here the first go around and it will allow you to use $30 main bearing sets, with more selection available (grooved, 180, 360, plain)  instead of $200, $300, or $$$ with little selection.

If you need a rebuild I highly recommend using Judson. He is knowledable about the motor, has done a bunch of them, and he'll save you money in the long run - I know it helped me out and when it goes boom, which I hope will be a couple years at least, I'll send it to him again.  Highly recommended if you need a rebuild.


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