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 Posted: 04-09-2006 06:19 am
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I was wondering if anyone has put together some kind of list of all the sealants used on the 907 engine during a rebuild and where each one is used? Also would like to find something on all the most up-to-date rebuild tips. I know the Lotus company made many changes over the years to correct all the issues with the 907 engine. I would just like to know what all those changes were and what chemicals or sealants are now used? Judson mentioned something that was mentioned to me by another person who has a lot of experience with the 907 engine and both mentioned Adding dowels to keep the main bearing panel from shifting under load. I think the other person mentioned using 10 dowels. Plan to follow this advice but I'm not sure what to tell the rebuilder to make sure it is done right. I have just about everything I need to do the 2.2L conversion. I have my original engine which has less than 8000 miles on it since it was rebuilt in 1989 and a second block and head that have already been prepped for the 2.2 conversion. I have the 10.5:1cr JE pistons with a 2.2L crank and complete set of matching Vandervell bearings. I have a new intake manifold but need to purchase a set of Dellortos to go with it. I have a pair of DHLA 40's but think I need to go with the 45's. The head has already been rebuilt with new larger than stock ss exhaust valves, Delta's competition valve springs and 104 cams. The intake and exhaust ports look like they have been ported and lightly polished. I'm concerned that the cam towers were mounted using the new gaskets. I thought I had read the gaskets should be tossed and a sealant should be used that basically has a zero tolerance once assembled which means the valves would need adjusting again. Any assistance would be appreciated. I would like to purchase all the sealants and chemicals I might need for the assembly of the new engine which is why I am asking.

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Dan Eiland