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 Posted: 03-30-2006 08:07 pm
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Check out

it has been done, and I can imagine many times over.  As Judson correctly states, the parts are out there, the complete system is big bucks.  The difficulty of setting up the computer is entirely in the mind of the beholder, ie. it will seem like a school project to some and a s.o.b. nightmare to others.  See the Megasquirt web site for an intorduction into 'cheap' FI.  As is true of all things digital, you can easily spend 3 to 10 times more on essentially the same thing if you really feel the need.  As an example, Formula Atlantic (4 cylinder) racing FI equipment is available to anyone with the bucks.  It is also quite likely that such a set up would cost more than many of us paid for our entire JH.