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 Posted: 03-29-2006 02:07 pm
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Hello everyone,

My JH has (I think) K & N air cleaners bolted to the Strombergs. I really don't like them; they are kind of a pain to take off and put on when you want to fiddle with the carbs. Each one is 3 pieces; the base, filter unit, and top, all held on with long bolts going through the top and the base and into the carb bodies.

I've seen a picture on e-bay of a different aftermarket setup; looks like the filter element is in front of the carbs, rather than around the side of them, and is held on by wire clips or something. Seems more efficient to me, and looks like it would be much easier to take off and put on.

From this poor description, can anybody tell me who makes this other air cleaner set-up, and where I could buy it? Would there be a performance advantage to one setup over the other?