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 Posted: 03-29-2006 07:30 am
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I couldn't agree more with Greg. Before my engine rebuild to 2.2L, my old 2.0L engine had the C cams with strombergs. I switched to 45mm dellortos and 2 x 107 cams, but there was little performance gain, simply because my bottom end wasn't what it should be. Start with the bottom end, 2.2L stroker crank and 10.5:1 (or higher)pistons, then good porting of the head, 107/104 combi cams, dellortos 45mm and good exhaust header/pipe. If you don't have the budget for it now, drive on for a while and save the money until you do (that is what i did). Or like Greg said, find a decent 907 spare engine and start taking it apart and build it up budget permitting.

good luck