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 Posted: 03-29-2006 04:45 am
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Greg Fletcher

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In my mind it would be time and money better spent to perhaps find a spare engine, prepare a plan of action and proceed with a project as funds allow rather try to piece meal an existing engine here and there. Slapping on a 107/104 cam combo to a low compression Federal engine with Strombergs would not really be buying you anything.

Any engine rebuild should start with the basics- meaning a bottom end with new pistons. 2.2 or 2 liter should be your first decision as you'll need one or the other. I rebuilt my first 907 engine (a spare from a junk yard) years ago by buying a few bits here and there and after 3 years, I had a nice, new 2 liter that's still running today.

Richard at West Coast does a great job and he does it once. He has done a bunch of 907 heads and knows his stuff (he owns a JH, can your local machine shop say that?)- just as important he cares about doing a good job. If you just need a stock going-over, almost any competent machine shop can do that, but you'll be better off finding someone that has a bit of experience with "exotic" type stuff.