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 Posted: 03-29-2006 03:00 am
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Paul Koehler


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An inquire for those that have been there. If we condiser a stock JH with Z/S carbs and ~140HP  as a starting point and fast foward to the same JH at ~200+HP as an ending point, what is the order of progression  to get to the end point, if we were to make it into a  pay as you go project. Every year an improvement would be done with the caveat that, everything done year to year, would be useful in achieving the end point

For instance, if the cams were changed the 1st yr to 107/104, and the 2nd year, maybe new higher compression pistons added and so on. What would be the most efficient order of sequence of doing the improvements? What are they? How many years would/could it take?

The firm of West Coast Racing is frequently mentioned as THE PLACE to send your head for preparation. Has anybody used an alternative? Or is it the fact that WCR has done so many JH heads that they know all there is to know and do an excellent job?


Paul Koehler