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 Posted: 04-05-2005 11:15 am
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Rory you recieved a lot of very good tips here to follow up on, the one statement you made about sanding your mixture needles though scares me, I to did that when I first rebuilt my carb's and spent the summer tweeking the timing and mixture trying to get more out of my car, the follow summer though I broke down and purchased the new needles and was astounded on just how much more responcesive my adjustments to the carbs became, even though they are not cheap it is money well spent in replacing them and if memory serves me correctly it's recommended that they be replaced around 40K miles, (help me out with that one Mark).

While I did replace the needles I should also mention I went with a flame thrower coil and new plug wires from Delta at the same time, this year I'll be trying out a set of Dellorto carbs, it never ends.

And buy that carb tool it save taking the tops off plus it's something you'll end up using a lot, tuning carbs is a thankless job made a little easier with it.

Good Luck