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 Posted: 03-22-2006 02:31 pm
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Good luck Mike. I replaced both of these wipe seals on #15851. It took me a good (or bad) hour & half to do each side. You'll have to loosen the vent window and completely remove the door glass, in my opinion. I opened up the clips a tad before I put them on and used a wooden dowel to push them home. The problem is that the access hole in the lower rear of the door is so small that it makes pushing the front clips home almost impossible unless your'e a contortionist with long thin arms! The forward most one near the vent window is difficult due to a lack of leverage, as it can't be reached from within the door. Apparently the reason the clips are so hard to get on is because the seal is a tad thicker than the OEM ones.  Once you've got them on it becomes a two man job to put the glass back in without pulling them off again. Good luck!