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 Posted: 03-20-2006 06:54 pm
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I just pulled my tank.  It appears to have a very suspect glass job applied to the front and bottom.  The ends of the tank have large sheets of epoxy on them which peel off easily.  The inside of the tank is very rusty and gummy.  I have done some tank repair but the baffles in this tank would make it hard to do a good job.  I will probably stick a plastic marine tank in the trunk until I'm sure this car runs and is worth fixing.

So how are the new tanks working?  Does anyone have a leak?  Is anyone happy?  I see them on ebay now for $349 which seems cheap compared to other options.  Should I spend the extra $50 on alloy or stick with steel?  I see that Delta has a stainless tank in the catalog.  Has anyone tried one of these?