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 Posted: 02-16-2006 08:41 pm
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Interesting. I'm starting to think that Jensen may have used different moulding at different times. I don't think the sill moulding was a dealer item. The Martin Robey parts catalogue lists 2 different numbers for "Finisher - sill mouldings"  - Jensen part number 91187 (up to chassis 13349) and Jensen part number 97082 (up from chassis 13350). While I totally agree that we should just do what we like and what looks good to us as owners, if I can figure out which is correct and if I can source the item, I'd like to stay original.

As for the paint, I owned a JH in 1975 as a 17 yr old. The picture I have of that car had a strip of sill moulding but was body colored below. The paint color (and type) may have changed at some point to black. Maybe it changed along with the moulding change as above.