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 Posted: 01-31-2006 02:00 am
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I had mine done in Illinois at a little crappy radiator shop.  That is why I was surprised that the other shop could not do it.  My radiator is thicker than the original but, I don't have any clearance problems.  The extra two cores really help with moving more fluids and with heat transfer.  I run a two tube radiator in my 10.5 second Corvette and it cools it fine.  If the radiator shop is reputable they should be able to determine wether the four core set up or the larger tube setup is the best for you.  If you want a stock appearance and don't want a thicker radiator then I would go for the large tube design.  As long as more fluid is being routed and it cools better I have no preference.  If you are going that far with things, I would recommend taking out your oil cooler and having it cleaned out as well.  I found many that are clogged with debris and oil sludge.  You do have to be careful when removing the lines from the cooler though.  Spray lots of penetrating oil on the connections for a few days, even a week, to loosen up the fittings.  I hate to admit it but, I have broken a few myself being in a hurry.  You also want to be careful that they don't boil the cooler with extremely hot fluids.  The coolers are epoxied together and extreme heat can ruin the cooler all together.  Just something to think about.