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 Posted: 01-15-2006 12:52 am
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After more problems and solutions, I have the fuel pump problem licked, but I now have a carburetor problem.

The old fuel pump cut out several more times, so I replaced it with a new Facet Power-Flo. That's the one with the black plastic body that's supposed be longer-lasting than the old brass one.

The old pump also caused an excessive flow of fuel from the rear carb, when it was working.  I thought that what was happening was that, in failing, the pump was varying between no pressure and too high pressure.  Of course, I really had two problems, so now that I have the new carb installed, and I've installed a fuel pressure regulator, I still have fuel leaking from the rear carb.  The pressure is held to ~2 psi by the regulator, so that can't be the problem.

I pulled the carb and took out the float and float valve.  It's the ball-bearing kind, and it holds water under the faucet with only a slight pressure from underneath.  The floats are water-tight, so no problem there.  I'm going to get my calipers from work and check the float height on Monday.

What else could be causing my problem?  What could cause the float to get out of adjustment, if that's my problem?  The gasket around the float bowl was intact; the leak was not from there.

Thanks folks,