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 Posted: 01-14-2006 09:28 pm
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Gary Martin JH 15371


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I need some advise on repairing some stretched metal. After striping the paint off of 15371 I found that the metal was stretched on the rear panel above the gas tank, just to the left of the gas filler. My guess is some one sat on the rear panel at some point. Metal is slightly depressed, and when you push it up, it "pops" up the other way and is then too high. I have a oxy-acetylene torch, and have read online how to perform the shrinking technique, but have never attempted this. Heat up a dime size area to cherry red color and using a body hammer and dolly tap around the area ending up in the middle of the hot spot. I'm thinking two or three of these procedures would be enough to make it stable again. I don't want to heat it too many times and make things worse. I'm fairly good with other body repairs and paint work. Can a reasonably skilled person do this, or should I take it to a professional body man ?