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 Posted: 01-12-2006 07:01 pm
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Could you tell what component attached to the negative end of the capacitor in your tachometer?  I don't seem to have any components attaching there; there's an empty hole in the board and the other side of the board doesn't have any soldered connections there.  In your photo, it looks like the hole is supposed to be empty, so it could be I just traced the circuit wrong: this is only a hobby and I haven't done anything like this in 10 years.

The capacitor seems to be OK; it charged up when I tested it with my ohmmeter, and it slowly discharged when I applied the voltmeter to it.  The break in continuity in my tachometer seems to occur in the meter itself: if I test the resistence across the black and red wires that attach to the "meter" part of the device, I get an open circuit. 

I'll know more when I can get my hands on another tachometer; I don't want to pay too much since I'm just going to open it up and take it apart.