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 Posted: 01-07-2006 11:20 pm
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It's amazing what you might find cruising around the North Georgia countryside!

Two JH's sitting on the side of the road!  Apparently they belong to someone's estate and I'm still trying to contact the guy managing it but was thinking of making an offer.  I need a few bits and pieces for my car but if anyone else is interested in any parts I could make a better offer.

The red car (S/N 10970) is 95% complete but has the usual rust in the fenders etc but, if someone had a lot more time on their hands than I do, it could probably be restored.  Fore and aft chassis members look good but some rust in the floor.  Engine S/N is 1102 which still makes it a MK 1.  It has original air intake (which I seem to remember someone was looking for), hood has some surface rust but is straight.  Full set of gauges but dash has some damage.  Odometer reads 55169 miles.  The gas tank has been removed (possibly the reason it was parked??) but the engine looks like if you cleaned out the carbs, changed the oil and put in some fresh gas it would run.  License tag is 1987 which is probably the last time it was on the road.

The white car (S/N 18540) has no engine/transmision and the dash is removed.  Front bumper is straight but rear has some damage but may be salvageable.  Front/rear suspension are still there so maybe some parts someone could use.  Hood again is straight with some surface rust.

Windshields are good on both cars as are original factory wheels (5 per).  I was told they were both stored in a barn up until a month ago when they were put out on the side of the road.

If anyone is interested either reply on the message board or E-mail me at  They are only a few miles from my house so I could find out more or take more pics if anyone wants information on a specific part.

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