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 Posted: 03-31-2005 02:43 pm
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Mark Rosenbaum

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Let's see... 16 lug nuts at $3 each is $48.  Adding $8 for shipping and $10 for profit to balance the costs of the investment, this works out to a delivered price of $66 a set.  As competition, Delta Motorsports, if I've read their price sheet correctly, charges $10 a lug nut, while on eBay a set of 4 lug nuts might typically go for $10-20.  Plus shipping, in both cases.  So the pricing we're talking about is quite competitive.

I'm presuming that the nuts, if aluminum, would be clear alodyned or anodized for protection against weather and environment.  To add value, at additional cost, one could color anodize them instead and turn bland into beauty.  Gold nuts on abrasive-blasted wheels would be quite attractive, for example.

And if one could stamp "Jensen Healey" into the outer surface of the hex head, that'd be luxurious indeed....  :^}