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 Posted: 01-05-2006 01:41 am
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Why did I  buy a JH. I didn't. My brother about five years ago. Sent me a polariod of him seated in this red sport car. That he had just aquired. Said it was a Jensen Healey. Also that it was about 80% restored. Although it didn't run. Two years later, Iget a letter from him, "I have owned the car for a couple of years now and find with my business and other projects that I probibly will never finish the Jensen- So my friend would you accept a present from me of this car. If so-come and get it!!!"          So a couple of months later. I took a weeks vacation, borrowed a trailer. Gave the guy a half gallon of Jack Daniel'sfor it's use.  Talked my son into taking a ride with me. Headed out for Long Beach, Calif.  In tying it down to the trailer, I started getting grease all over my hands. Than when I got home St. Charles, Mo. The nightmare really started. Somebody had sprayed painted the interior BLACK. Carpet, seats door panels , kick panels back behind the seats. Also engine compartment, just the top half, bottom half left road dirt , and oil.  I found later the fuel pump was broken, pickup tube in the tank was clogged solid, sending is heavily rusted. The connectors on the wiring harness want to break off corrision. All of them. Dash switches are broken, bottom of dash and glove missing. turn signal mount is broken. about 3/4 of chrome is missing. Passenger floor is heavily rusted out. Driver side floorhad some brown powder sticking to a thick undercoating. Under the dash I did find some nice Tangerine paint. Someone did install a dash cap over the dash board. Started working on the engine, to see if she would run. Lower radiator hose, full of a WHITE PASTE. Unbolted the radiator, it came out in three pieces. There was this piece of hard clear plastic fish tank hose sticking up behind the carb's. Pull on it, the distributor came out of the engine, base is broken. Can't find the piece that is broken out. About half of the other vaccum lines are gone as well.  The convertible top is out of sight, gone, took a hike. Paint is a real nice red by Macco, over a Tangerine body, blue hood, and blue left front fender. But all body panels are really straight, and nice. The rest of the car, I haven'ttouch yet. Leaves me to the best part of the hole car, is this message board. Somebody has already had the same problem, and found an answer to it. So I am not alone with this thing. This summer I hope to start reassembly of the car, and find out what else doesn't work. Still she's a nice car easy to work on, nice lines, and comfortable. Think I'll call her, nightmare. Should be a sound, and sturdy car, when she's back running again.     ser.# 16562

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