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 Posted: 12-23-2005 01:45 am
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Jensen Healey wrote:   IIRC the development engines had fuel injection and put out 220 HP.

Only the 904 & 906 race engines for the Lotus Mk 62 were fuel injected,  using the Tecalemit-Jackson mechanical system with slide throttles.

When development started in 1968,  emissions wasn't much of an issue,  so the 905 street development engine used Dellortos.    It wasn't until the need to meet mandated emissions requirements arose that Zenith Strombergs were installed.

The 904 & 906 engines were used in the Lotus Mk 62,  a pure race car with Europa-esque profile but no streetable counterpart.  . The Mk 62 car was built as much as a development test bed for the new engine as a race car.   It was felt that racing the engine would accelerate the learning curve.

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