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 Posted: 12-22-2005 03:51 pm
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Mark Rosenbaum

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No reason why SUs shouldn't work, and I've seen a photo or two with SUs on a 907 engine, but with 2" carbs, you'd have carb-to-manifold interface problems due to the size differential.  You'd have to gin up throttle and choke linkages, too.

The real problem would be mixture needles.  It's my understanding that the fuel metering characteristics of SUs differ from those of Strombergs, so you can not just use mixture needles with the same profile as the Stromberg B1DK, but would have to experiment, which might take hours or even days of track or dynamometer time.

As for carbs used during engine development, doubtless Lotus would have used Del'lortos for most of it, though they may have used something else (most likely Webers) in the earliest (head design on Vauxhall block) stages.