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 Posted: 12-22-2005 12:18 pm
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Mitch Ware

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I wonder if anyone knows what carbs were first used by Lotus during the initial developement of the 907. It seems rather unlikely that they were using ZS carbs.

One of my projects this winter is to rebuild my ZS carbs. These are the same ones that came stock on my 71 TR6. A friend of mine has a set of 2" SU carbs lieing around that he said I can put on the JH if I want, we used them when I first got the TR6 running after 30 years of sitting idle and the car ran great with them. It seems to me that since the SU can be bolted right on in place of the ZS carbs on a TR6, perhaps the same thing can be done on a JH.

Anyone tried it before?

Mitch Ware
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