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 Posted: 12-21-2005 11:16 pm
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Seeing the picture of your door trims brings back memories of my own. The brads are available in packets from the car places, Repco or Supercheap Auto, it is possible to take them out of modern car door trims also. I made my door panels out of solid plastic sheet that was about 4 mm thick so was slightly thicker than the hardboard that the originals were made out of. I found that my old hardboard panels were so distorded that they could not be used as a template, so I cust my sheet to approximately the right size and then put two brads in so as to position the sheet on the door and then used pen to mark out the size and shap to fit the door. Then to get the rest of the brads in the correct place I used a bolt with a sharpened end and the put it in each hole made a mark, moved it onto the next hole etc.

To pad out under the vinyl I used dacron from a craft shop ( they make cuddly toys etc from the dacron ) and for the top pad a sleeping mat from the sports shop has the right consistency for a nice firm pad. Used aerosol glue to stick slepping mat pads together, and dacron to plastic sheet. Worked out quite well.  I did not put the door lock slide in as it pretty difficult to lock a convertable and if I do have to lock the doors I can do it with the key from outside.

All the Best and a Merry Christmas.