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 Posted: 12-19-2005 06:07 am
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Mark Rosenbaum

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Edward, your door panels look to be worse than average, so the improvement will be that much greater when you get things done.  I added extra padding at the top on my car's panels so that occupants would have a gentler impact during brisk cornering and when going over railroad tracks at speed.

From your photo, it appears that Delta has changed the raw material for their door hardboards again.  I guess they just make up a few at a time.  The ones I bought four or five years ago were dark grey.

If you have trouble finding the push-fixes for the studs that hold the bright trim in place, or if they are loose, you can use 1/8" lengths of suitably sized automotive rubber hose.  I've used several of these on my car and they hold better than the original parts.

If you have trouble getting the courtesy light on the passenger's door to fit properly, th big V notch on the side may be just a bit small.  Mine would pop out from the bracket every month or so until I deepened the notch and cured the problem.

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