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 Posted: 03-30-2005 02:48 pm
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Brian Kelly


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Hello Ivan,

I had the same situation.  Your trouble is probably in the idle circuit (the main kicks in around 3000rpm).  In my case I solved the problem by going with richer idle holders and then using leaner idle jets.  The idle holders that were in the carbs (dhla45’s) were 7850.1 and the jets were #60.  I went to 7850.7’s and #56 jets.  The leaner holders were allowing too much air into the mix (with idle holders the cross drilled holes allow air into the mix so smaller holes leads to richer mix). 


I’ve bought a lot of Dellorto parts from a supplier in Italy.  His prices are very reasonable and delivery takes 2 weeks.  Email him with what you want he’ll get you a price – Paypal, and the NEW parts are on their way.  It takes some time but he’s got it all.  I’ve ordered an assortment of jets to “play” with. 

He's at:


Also I've found the Morgan Carbtune balancing tool is a must if you like to “play” with your carbs.


Hope this helps,

Brian Kelly