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 Posted: 11-30-2005 01:26 am
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Rory Clark wrote: Brett,

I thought that also. But I am getting some overflow into the bottle. What I do not know if it is going back into the radiator. The radiator opening is a little out of shape But...the cap appears to be operational

thanks for the thought.



Be certain the cap is of the 'return' variety; some older caps would, like Brett says, allow coolant to escape when hot but not get drawn back in when cold, and that would definitely flatten the bypass hose as shown in your picture. Since the flat hose is due to 'vacuum' that tells me the main outer seals on the cap are okay. I'd replace the cap with a good quality 'return' style (has a flat brass disc on the bottom that's a one way valve).

BTW, there were about twelve J-H's here in Charleston that I am aware of; a red and a BRG on the IOP, a dark blue one out toward West Ashley, mine, a friend of mine has one running and three parts cars, there was another one with a small block Chevy, same guy had a parts car.  A guy left a note on my windshield with a Summerville number a while back wanting to sell me his, and there's the yellow one I missed several years ago.