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 Posted: 10-11-2023 04:56 pm
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Completely understand and agree with your reasoning and approach.
Being new to the JH I did not go get a pair of the ‘outside’ type as was unsure the screw of the external style spring compressors would clear the edge of the suspension arms. The spring is so narrow and the arms extend well past the outer spring edges.
So my approach was to remove them using the floor jack method while still in place under the car. I’ve used that way a lot and am very comfortable with it.
After watching the W/D episode I was impressed with the way Ant removed the springs on the bench and convinced myself that was the way to go - doing everything on the bench, being able to clean and paint everything and return the entire refreshed assembly - including the reinstalled springs, when done.
Anyway, I’m in it now and think I found one that’ll work locally, the same style Ant used. Eventually this’ll all be done, the assembly back in tight, clean and shiny and I’ll be a bit more knowledgeable on JH stuff.
Thanks for your patience and willingness to help this rookie.