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 Posted: 10-11-2023 12:48 am
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Progress and a setback!
I took noomg’s guidance (and found/watched the Wheeler Dealer 74JH episode), supported the engine from above and removed the crossmember complete.
As I had already used the floor jack technique to remove the lf spring before deciding to tackle the crossmember removal, I only have one to remove now that it’s on the bench.
Been disassembling, removing old bushings and prepping for painting while waiting for an internal spring compressor ordered to compress/remove this remaining in place spring. Got it today but the hooks used to grab the spring coils are too wide in their ‘folded’ position to get through ~2.75”id opening of the lower suspension arm. So this one will be returned am I’m now in the hunt for a smaller, narrower compressor. There must be one out there that works and hopefully no way will I have to reinstall the crossmember just to get the other spring off.
If anybody has ideas of where to source a proper sized compressor please let me know. Meanwhile I’ll be searching all the usual tools sources for a solution.
I feel like an idiot and should have just removed the 2nd spring before dropping the whole assembly.