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 Posted: 10-06-2023 04:33 pm
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noomg & Bruce - appreciate the knowledge and guidance!
I have toyed w the idea of dropping the subframe but backed off initially cuz of concerns about supporting the engine properly. If from below, using the cast sump seemed a risk even with something to spread the load and figuring a proper support that didn’t impede all the usable work space. I did think about supporting from above but concerned about where to place a crossbar so as not to bend something and I couldn’t figure out where to attach a strap or cable to the motor. So…been dismantling from the wheel wells while the car’s on quickjacks. I would prefer dropping the whole crossmember to clean up everything and reinforce where Bruce recommends and also replace the old hardened motor mounts so back on this idea thanks to the prodding here.

noomg - where do you recommend I place the crossbar support and a cable or strap to or around the motor? I’m kinda stumped on this and don’t want to damage something.
I do love your 4x4 support piece solution. I was way overthinking this part🤔