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 Posted: 10-05-2023 06:56 pm
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Into replacing bushings, ball joints on my ‘74, 18205. I don’t believe anything’s been replaced from new - upper balljoints rivited.
The lower arm bushing shell edge seems to have been bent or distorted maybe upon original pressing or over time(?). Please see attached pic.
I am replacing with Superpro bushings which require removing the old rubber and retaining/reusing the steel shell in place. Do any of you think this slightly bent/distorted shell edge will affect the proper seating or performance of the Superpro bushing?
Also, my lower arms have an attachment point for presumably an anti sway bar. Before me removing them from the crossmember, this mounting point faced forward but seems to me if a antisway bar were to be attached, this mount would prolly have face to the rear. Don’t know if I’ll ever want to add a antisway bar but if I were to some day, do I want to replace the lower arms with the mounts facing back? And is this even a thing - are the lower arms symetrical in that they will have proper geometry if I swap left for right and vice versa?
The JH is a new challenge for me though I have a reasonable amount of experience on Alfa and the big Healey’s in the past. Now a rookie in a new league!

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