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 Posted: 03-30-2005 12:48 am
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In reading John's article regarding his experience after installing his Del's, it resembles mine exactly.  I just remember reading that there is someone, I thought his name was Gerry or Jerry at a local supplier who knew Dellorto's really well.  The engine runs great up to or near 1500 RPM, I said 3000 before but it is actually 1500 and then clears up at 3000 RPM.

I have a Petronix ignition and all plugs appear good and burning properly.  The timing is correct as far as I can tell.  Since there is no really good mechanics for JH's in Phoenix (unless someone knows something I don't) I have to try to get the JH running properly again so that I can enjoy it and get the impetus to make it more driveable.

I also noticed that the original (I think) fuel pump continues to run (click) fast as after starting the engine as it does before the engine starts.  I don't think this is correct?  It does not appear to have an effect on the running of the engine though.

I appreciate any help and would love the opportunity to find some of the parts here in So. Cal.