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 Posted: 11-20-2005 05:23 pm
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I do have a fuel filter between the tank and the pump; I should have pointed that out in my original post.

It was a relatively hot day on Friday when she quit, and I had her parked in the sun for two hours before I drove home.  Could it have been vapor lock?  I thought that a rear-mounted pump was supposed to prevent vapor lock, but the symptoms were there: hot pump, no gasoline in the filter, so there was air inside the pump.

I should also explain that there is a bypass line that runs from a t-fitting above the pump and back to the tank.  I'll put in a picture if there's a question.  It looks like it's there to relieve pressure when the float bowls are full.  Maybe.  I don't think it's at all stock, nor is the tank.

Does the stock tank have baffles?  Mine does.

I took her out yesterday for a drive and had no problems.

Thanks for all of the suggestions.