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 Posted: 10-25-2021 04:26 pm
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Due to non starting after doing a decoke and inlet valves change I decided to check on the compression for the four piston chambers. I am getting a consistent 85 lbs/ sq in pressure, obviously this is a cold engine as I can’t get it started after many ignition and fuel checks plus trying easy start. The manual says between 110 to 130 lbs/sq in pressure; does anyone know if what I am getting is ok on a cold engine or can throw some possible suggestions? I am getting a consistent spark and timing is about 12 deg btdc plus carbs have been overhauled. Ignition coil and ballast are new although it does have a lumination ignition which according to PO records has not done many miles.The spark plugs are slightly damp, fuel pressure is good and the timing is on the compression stroke.
Many thanks