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 Posted: 10-10-2021 09:31 pm
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Again - adding to an old post about a similar subject. I appreciate any direction.

I received a set of new manufactured sun visors from Martin Robey (no core required) along with new brackets. Went out to install, thinking it would be a "half vino" project. I realize I am not certain how the things are mounted. I flipped through a few years of JHPS newsletters, but don't see a good photo of sun visor attachment.


I am assuming the brackets go into the visor at the notched corner. Is that correct? The brackets have a bend in them to provide a very firm, maybe permanent fit so I don't want to start out wrong.

There are 4 machine screws that secure the "Crash Roll - Windscreen" where the visor rods could attach. Do they attach out near the doors (visors then pointing in), or in near the rear view mirror, visors pointing out?

Finally, do the rods bend slightly down, or slightly up (last bend before final bend into the actual visor)?