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 Posted: 10-10-2021 12:00 am
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This is Randall Clary, I own 13046 and live in Riverside, CA. OI restored my car about 5 years ago and it is running like it should. I would be honored to look at the car for you and give you my impression. call me at 909-938-2090.

Use my existing email at for further communication. It will be much easier for me to forward photos and info. Again my phone is 909-938-2090. Where are you located?

BTW, I have an excellent hardtop that could be shipped with the car for no additional expense other than the sales price. $500. Not an issue if you decide not to buy it. I would still be honored to look at the car for you.

Yo Randall!!

Thanks so much for the offer to help!

I'm in Southern NJ - Just East of Philly - Riverton, NJ 08077

I'll shoot you an email message with a link to the car - I'll also provide additional pics and documents that the seller sent me.

Maybe we can talk this weekend.

The seller won't be back until Tuesday - I was planning on contacting him on Wednesday.

If I do buy the car, I'll probably take you up on the offer of the hardtop.

Thanks again for the assistance!