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 Posted: 11-10-2005 08:46 am
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Hi Rory,

give us an update on how your car is doing now... Did you tackle the hot temp? The JH with decent compression and original 2 core radiator and original thermostat should be running in the middle of the temp. gauge and could go up when stuck in traffic.

have you measure the actual temp whilst the temp gauge dial is up high?

My old 2.0L engine ran fine eventhough it consumed quite a bit of oil!! You could indeed switch to a different (lower temp) thermostat and add water wetter to your cooling system. This is great stuff. Also check all hoses if there is nothing clogged inside. For instance my heater hose..the long thin hose that runs from heater box via bypass to the waterpump was fully closed up..!! not a good thing.

Saw the picture of your manifold hose to the waterpump. I'd swap that one AND the upper and lower radiator hoses for the Gates hoses that are wire reinforced. They are only 15$ a piece at DMS.

I'm most likely going for blue silicone wired reinforced hoses. they cope with heat very well, are very strong but mostly...look good.