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 Posted: 09-28-2021 06:45 am
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I had the one with the dual bearings (which was the early kind?) for years and it is 19mm (for a 19mm wrench). The nyloc nut was a 17mm (for a 17mm wrench) and I think an M10 internally.

I now use Garry Kemp's updated kit (with the single integral bearing setup) and it uses a 19mm to adjust, but the nyloc nut takes an 18mm wrench now. Still an M10 internally.

BTW Kemp's kit (with the special spacer) is 100% bolt on for the Lotus 907 and it works great, not to plug anything but it's been a year and a half and 3k miles and it never has slipped and feels 5x stronger than the stock setup.