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 Posted: 09-09-2021 05:40 pm
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Although this can be quite a chore without the well thought-out plan, here is the way I have been doing it for over 40 years(doesn't mean the "right way" or "Only way").
Making a 2X4 to fit the approximate shape of the wheel cylinder and reinforcing it with a piece of angle iron, should help with installing the troublesome circlip on the backing plate. pleas note that this circlip goes on the more "difficult" way. MOSS makes a tool for this, which I purchased a few years ago, but it does NOT work very well--I bent over 3 circlips before I went back to my old method. One other item: the snap ring pliers are from WIHA(German tools) and have a little groove cut into the ends to capture and hold the circlip. The cheap ones from Harbor Freight, etc, will likely slip as your using them, but I did use that cheaper style for years before getting the WIHA ones.[img][/img]

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