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 Posted: 11-07-2005 10:45 pm
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ok guys

    having read the posts in "tires" and "wheels"........thought i might add my 2 cents

the stock rim has a 3.5" backspace???........

there are some guys running 205/60/13 tires that measure 23"tall,7" tread width and 8" section width

i have installed 17" wheels on 2 british cars in the past(69 marcos and 74Tvr(see attatched).......with great results both visually and performance wise

so take a 205/40/17 tire ,it measures23.4" tall,7.4"T.W.and 8.6"S.W........the difference in measurements are negligible and you get superior handling and more readily available tires KUMHO ECSTA712 are $66 ea at tire rack.go one step further and put a 215 or 225/40 on the rear!!


is this a little too far out.........i don't think so ........i think the JH would look amazing with big wheels and lo-profile tires....... 

PROS/CONS ?????!!!!


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