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 Posted: 05-10-2021 02:31 am
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Idling is where everything tends to be most finicky: timing air-fuel ratio, etc. According to my manual, idle or static timing for Strombergs is 8 deg BTDC. Generally speaking, the more advanced the better as long as you don't get any detonation. 12 BTDC is supposed to be optimum for these engines, but that can depend on what octane gas you can get. Lower octane burns faster so requires less advance.

When you engage the choke you are doing two things: enrichening the air-fuel ratio and increasing the idle speed. Either one could be what is fixing your problem. From what I have read many people find 1200 RPM works best for them. Mine idles more-or-less OK down to 800 RPM but smooths out much better at 1000, so that is where I keep it.

Do you have a manual for the Strombergs? They are available on Amazon. You will need one as well as some special tools such as the one for adjusting the fuel mix.

There is a Facebook Jensen Healy group that has a ton of files of useful information as well as lots more people contributing helpful information. If possible, you should join.