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 Posted: 04-25-2021 10:21 pm
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Which carbs do you have? You mention setting them up to Spec 5, which is a Lotus set-up for DHLA45E carbs with 36mm chokes. However, all J-H with Dellortos came with 40mm throats and 35mm chokes... DHLA40 for the non-emissions Dellortos, and DHLA40E for the emissions carbs.

So what carbs/ throats/ chokes do you have?

Are the small metal ID tags still attached to a top cover screw on each carb? If so, what are the tag numbers?

So, gas is running out of the #4 inlet? Air is busy rushing in, yet fuel runs out?

You say all the O-rings and seals are present and in cood condition... I'll just have to take your word for that.

Check to see if the choke and auxiliary venturi are snug fits into the throat... installation may require some force. Then, is the aux venturi securely tightened into place with the pinch bolt screwed in through the carb body's outer wall, and a jamb nut?

If the Aux Venturi is not a snug fit, and if it's not tightly secured with the pinch bolt, then some of the fuel flowing down the diagonal passageway to the Aux Venturi might flow into the gap between the throat and Aux Venturi's OD, then migrate to wherever pressures take it... including out the inlet.

Let us know what you find,
Tim Engel

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