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 Posted: 11-02-2005 02:19 am
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Judson Manning wrote: Apparantly both sets of carbs I got from DBE were Spec10 w/ Spec9 jetting, and the carbs on your cars are all correct Spec9s.

Until you open the carbs,  it's just speculation as to what DBE sent to you.   Des Hammil's book doesn't discuss the Power Valve.   Or at least I didn't see it during a quick scan the other day.   However the Lotus Service Notes (aka Workshop Manual) for the 1983-87 Turbo Esprit covers it in the carb section.   I could sweet-talk a friend with access to Adobe Acrobat to scan it into a PDF,  but don't hold your breath waiting.

Euro-stock OEM J-H Dellorto DHLA40 carbs were equipped with a Power Jet...  size 70.

Lotus Spec-10  2.2 912  and the 1988 Esprit NA (naturally aspirated 912) DHLA45's  used a 70 Power Jet.

Lotus Spec's  1,  3  & 5 did not have a Power Jet.


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