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 Posted: 11-02-2005 01:55 am
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Mike Aubuchon


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I bought my JH-5 in the spring of 2000. I had never heard of or seen one untill I came across this one. After checking it out mechanically and driving it for an hour or so I knew I had found my new toy. The car is in great shape and has been well maintained. Every winter I do whatever repairs are needed along with a few upgrade projects. It's nice to have a car I can work on without having to deal with  computers and sensors.

I get a lot of questions about and compliments on my car. People want to know what kind of car it is, how and where I get parts for it, how much is it worth and how fast will it run. While talking with them I always mention the JHPS and how helpful this tech board is.

As far as owning a JH over something new like a Miata or a Solstice, anyone can go out and buy a new car. Owning a JH or any older car  requires a commitment of your time and money. I think we all enjoy the satisfaction of the effort we put in every time we take off down the road and turn a few heads as we pass by.

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