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 Posted: 09-08-2020 05:41 pm
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Hello all. I bought chassis 12383 back in June. It ran well, but had a few minor problems. This weekend I replaced the dim dashboard lights with LED lights. I struggled some, and couldn't get the instrument panel all the way out, but managed to replace all the bulbs. The hardest part was reconnecting the speedometer cable which required sticking my hand way up high behind the dash. To do that I had to move a lot of wires in a "rat's nest" of wires behind the dash.

After putting it all together I went to start the car and absolutely nothing happens when I turn the ignition to the start position, no click, no lights dimming, nothing. I assume I did something to the wiring under the dash. The lights all work, the radio comes on, I can hear the fuel pump clicking, everything else seems normal. The voltage gauge slowly comes up to about 12 volts and truthfully, I can't remember what the voltage gauge used to read before I started the car.

This happened late last night, so I haven't really tried anything yet, other than I did try to jump start the car just to make sure it wasn't the battery. No difference.

Any suggestions on where to start my search and how to proceed? Electrical stuff is always my least favorite thing and what I seem to be worst at.

I'm frustrated because it's probably a simple thing, but I'm not really sure where to start. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.