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 Posted: 08-16-2020 05:22 am
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kart54 wrote:

The fit, finish and look are just way too clean, pretty and correct to be a Jensen Healey. The factory never came close to that look. You might need to rename it as a Jensen Lotus or something along that line.


Thanks much! I wish I had thought of the whole Lotus-Healey thing but I wanted to keep the Jensen in there somehow, too many "J" logos around the car. Still conceptualize it as a special edition that Lotus made for JH to sell alongside the regular cars.

Very interesting about the JH history: apparently Chapman tried to talk Qvale into doing a two-tiered model lineup. The lower end car would get the Vauxhall powertrain and the higher end version would have the Lotus 907. I think Qvale was receptive to the idea but the Jensen board said no, it would create "model competition" and no one would want the Vauxhall stuff. Interesting!

Got to wash this thing, hasn't been washed since 2008.

Added a final touch: