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 Posted: 10-31-2005 01:00 pm
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Judson Manning

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The choke 'mystery' is easily solved, and it's based more on cam lift and engine breathing efficiency. 

38mm chokes correspond to a theoretical maximum HP level achieved for a 2.2 at ~6300rpm, which matches the dyno results posted for your engine.  36mm chokes would have cut your HP peak to ~5900rpm. 

What Tim and I are at odds with is the jettings.  My observations suggest Spec9 with a 160main is WAY too rich, while Tim's observations suggest it's right on the money.

Tim was kind enough to post Spec10 & Spec11 for me last year on the Lotus Forum while I was jetting the 907/910 hybrid.  According to my notes, both Spec10&11 show 135 mains vs 160 mains for Spec9.

The real question is:  Why does the JH have 130mains, Spec9 has 160, then Spec10 &11 shift back down to 135mains?